Hi there my name is Jackie, founder and creator of Valley Fair Candles.


For as long as I can remember I have always been a little bit obsessed by candles,  even as a young girl I found the flickering flame of a candle mesmerising - I still do and after years of buying candles I decided to have a go at making my own. 


So in 2010 - I signed up to several candle making classes, my hobby soon grew from there.


Valley Fair Candles are hand crafted / hand poured in my studio in the beautiful leafy Otford Valley - 1hour south of Sydney hence the name Valley Fair.


We use only the highest quality Soy Wax and fragrance oils, cotton, lead-free wicks, constant testing is required as the supplies change and evolve.


We have a wide variety of delicious high-quality fragrances oils, some  may already be on of your favourites such as Kaffir Lime & Sandalwood, Moroccan Blend, Lotus Blossom,  my new favourites now being Persian Lime & Lemongrass & Oriental Myrrh & Musk.

Valley Fair Candles - make a beautiful addition to any home, with a large range to choose from.